As a participant in the global diversified investment trend, INTER AREA+ uses its global service point-to-point context and rich professional local experience and knowledge to provide customers with fair, positive, inclusive and insightful business environment reviews and analysis, and to understand in detail the shape of the current economy. Global trends in business practices and strategies, and provide customers with customized solutions to help customers achieve their goals.
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INTER AREA is a competitive service provider that continuously expands and updates knowledge and resources, as well as develops new capabilities, innovates and creates a highly professional and supportive service process to improve efficiency. The purpose is to be able to help clients realize their vision of prosperity, contribute to your expectations, and provide access to exciting and extensive orderly capital markets.
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How to open a company account in Singapore?

How should I register a Japanese 日本國旗 2 company now?

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Services Offered

Offshore Companies

Offshore companies, also known as OBU companies, include commonly known entities such as those in Seychelles, BVI (British Virgin Islands), Samoa, and the UK. Offshore companies can open bank accounts and are widely used for investment holding, international trade, and financial management, serving as a versatile tool for tax planning.

Overseas Income Exempt Company
Offshore Tax-free Island Company
Overseas Account open
Embassy Certification

Local Entity Formation

With the rapid development of international markets and open policies in regions such as Asia and Europe, investors are continuously entering these markets. We specialize in integrating business resources across countries & leveraging practical experience to provide comprehensive, from registering various types of companies to handling admin changes.

China WFOE Company Registration
Vietnam Company Registration
Philippines Company Registration
Japan Foreign-Owned Company Registration

Accounting and Tax

Accounting outsourcing involves entrusting a company's financial and accounting affairs to a professional financial agency. Due to the lower cost of bookkeeping, this is widely adopted by most small & medium-sized enterprises and startups. Inter Area's cross-border tax services prioritize "communication," reflecting local business changes in real-time to provide the most suitable financial solutions.
■ Bookkeeping
■ Annual Audit & Report
■ VAT Application
■ Import & Export License Application

Business Secretarial

Business admin services provide comprehensive business solutions tailored to enterprises engaged in cross-regional investments. Prior to company establishment, opting for business secretary services over traditional management models eliminates the need for dedicated admin personnel, effectively reducing initial costs of overseas investments and allowing greater focus on local business development.
■ Local Business Service
■ Files Notarized
■ Financial Services
■ Global Trademark

Business Solutions

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Singapore Co.Reg & Bank Account 
Singapore is known for its excellent corporate image and stable policy environment, makingit an ideal location for holding companies in Southeast Asia. Its flexible and adaptable tax framework also facilitates international corporate tax planning. Currently, foreign investors often choose to register a private limited company in Singapore, which is the most popular…For more information on setting up a Singapore company

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Inter Area committed to serving clients with international investment needs by providing practical infrastructure planning and up-to-date policy information. We strive to adopt a more flexible, inclusive, and values-driven approach, enabling businesses and individual investors to embrace new ideas and practices. This sets them on a journey of digital transformation and expansion with diverse product offerings.

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Non-trade foreign exchange payments refer to payments made by domestic enterprises when..

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