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The Food Safety Law, which was officially introduced at the end of February 2009, established the food safety sub-regulation system in China. The health, agriculture, quality inspection, industry and commerce, and food and drug supervision departments are responsible for food production and food. Supervision of circulation links and catering services.

For catering service operators to apply for new issuance, change, continuation and replacement of licenses, the catering service supervision departments at all levels shall issue the Catering Service License in strict accordance with the requirements of the Food Safety Law. At the same time, it is clear that the license will continue to be valid during the validity period. Upon expiration of the validity period, the catering service license will be renewed in accordance with relevant regulations, so that the catering service license work will be carried out in an orderly manner and in accordance with the law. The “Catering Service License” application must clearly state the name, address, the legal representative (responsible person or owner), category, license number, issuing authority (with official seal), date of issue, expiration date and remarks, etc. “Catering Service License” is the legal certificate for the catering business or personal business catering service industry. The catering business operator can only engage in the catering business after obtaining the “Catering Service License” according to law, and the rights and interests can be guaranteed by the law. The credibility will also increase, and the business will become more and more prosperous.

Table of Contents

  • Application Qualification
  • Application conditions of Food distribution license
  • Which units need to apply?

◎Application Qualification

According to Article 2 of the “Catering Service License Management Measures” implemented by the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China on May 1, 2010: The catering service implements a licensing system. Catering service providers should obtain the “Catering Service License” and bear the food safety responsibility for catering services in accordance with the law. Companies or individuals that apply for the Catering Service License should have the following conditions:

  1. Have a legal business place;
  2. It has food raw material processing and food processing and storage in accordance with the variety and quantity of foods produced and supplied, keeping the environment clean and tidy, and maintaining a prescribed distance from toxic and harmful places and other sources of pollution;
  3. It has the operation equipment or facilities that are compatible with the variety and quantity of foods produced and supplied and has corresponding disinfection, dressing, hand washing, lighting, lighting, ventilation, refrigeration, dustproof, fly-proof, rodent-proof, insect-proof, washing and treatment of wastewater. Equipment or facilities for storing garbage and waste;
  4. Have a reasonable layout and processing flow to prevent cross-contamination of foods to be processed and
    direct-input foods, raw materials, and finished products, and to avoid contact with toxic and unclean materials;
  5. Catering service practitioners who meet the regulatory requirements, as well as food safety management personnel who have passed food safety training and meet relevant conditions.
  6. Have rules and regulations to ensure food safety in line with the actual situation of the unit;
  7. Other conditions stipulated by the State Food and Drug Administration and the municipal food and drug supervision and administration department.

◎Application conditions of Food distribution license

According to《Food safety law》,《Regulation on the Implementation of the Food Safety Law》、State Administration of Industry and Commerce relevant regulations of《Measures for the Administration of Food Circulation Permits》the economic entities engaged in the food business in circulation shall obtain food circulation licenses in accordance with the law, and apply to the administrative departments for industry and commerce with registration jurisdiction for industrial and commercial registration. The essential conditions for unit or individual to apply”Food distribution license”:

  1. The sign must be in accordance with the font size name approved by the business.
  2. Business premises and toxic substances (pesticides, chemicals, gas etc.) to keep a safe distance from the production or function of the place, except for wastewater and gas, organic waste, sewage, garbage disposal, dust, and other pollution sources influence scope.
  3. The environment is clean and sanitary, with good ventilation, lighting, and lighting.
  4. The ground, wall surface, and top surface shall be paved or painted with impervious, non-absorbent, non-toxic and easy to clean materials, and the outlet of the sewer shall be closed tightly.
  5. Food establishments must be separated from living quarters.
  6. If there is a storage place, the food storage shall be provided with special areas, and shall not be stored in the same storehouse as the toxic and harmful articles.

◎Which units need to apply?

With the reform of the market mechanism, the market economy is becoming more standardized, the legal system and the health supervision system are becoming more and more perfect. For enterprises that want to engage in catering services within the territory of the People’s Republic of China, they must first apply for the “Catering Service”. License, otherwise it will be difficult.

1. Restaurants (including restaurants, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, etc.):
refers to units that serve meals (including Chinese, Western, Japanese, Korean, etc.),
including hot pot restaurants and barbecue shops.
2. Fast food restaurant:
refers to the unit that focuses on processing and distribution, eating on the spot, and
providing fast dining service as the main processing supply form.
3. Snack bar:
refers to the unit that uses snacks and snacks as the main business project.
4. Beverage shop:
refers to the unit that supplies alcohol, coffee, tea or beverage.
5. Canteen:
refers to units located in institutions, schools, enterprises and institutions, construction sites
and other places (places) for internal workers, students, and other meals.
6. Group meal delivery unit:
refers to the unit that processes and distributes food according to the order of service items
but does not provide dining places.
7. Central Kitchen:
refers to the unit established by the restaurant chain enterprise, with independent places and
facilities, centralized processing of finished food or semi-finished products, and directly
delivered to the catering service unit.
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