Regulations related to the legal possession of Taiwanese real estate by the people of China
The people of the mainland of China have obtained permission to establish or transfer real estate rights in Taiwan, and the people of mainland China legally hold real estate in Taiwan… and other relevant laws and regulations.




Legal Basis

  1. “Chinese people obtain permission to establish or transfer real estate rights in Taiwan”. house.jpg
  2. “Permission for licensing business activities”.
  3. “Financial Transactions Licensing Measures” Article 5 1 and “Taiwan Area Banks and Credit Cooperatives Should Pay Attention to the Real Estate Loan Business of the Chinese People Without Residence in Taiwan”.





Related Loosening Policies

  • In order to cope with the opening up of Chinese investment in Taiwan, the current laws and regulations have greatly loosened the restrictions on the purchase of the real estate by the Chinese people.
  • The highlights are as follows:
    Opening of residences, business premises, or office premises where business personnel lives for business personnel of Chinese-funded enterprises or other places where business needs may acquire real estate. Remove the requirement that the Chinese people come to Taiwan to obtain real estate to explain the source of funds.
  • Relax the restrictions on financing to financial institutions:
    1. The provisions for loans for Chinese investors to buy real estate in Taiwan are handled in accordance with the provisions of Taiwanese nationals.
    2. For Chinese who do not have a domicile in Taiwan, they apply for real estate rights guarantee loans, and the approved loan percentage is capped at 50% of the value of the collateral.
  • Relax the time limit for Chinese people who own real estate to stay in Taiwan. The total period of stay in Taiwan every year should be relaxed from no more than 1 month to 4 months; the duration and number of stays for each stay are not limited.
  • After the Chinese acquire ownership of real estate for residential use, they must transfer it within 3 years after registration to avoid Chinese speculation on house prices.
  • In order to prevent the Chinese from transferring real estate in Taiwan but still staying in Taiwan, the land authorities must be responsible for notifying the Chinese people of the transfer of real estate rights.






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