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Inter Area is a professional service provider that provides practical infrastructure planning and the latest policy information. It is committed to serving customers with investment needs across international regions, in Taipei, Taichung, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines, Vietnam and other Asia-Pacific regions have service bases. Provide one-stop service for global customers, reduce the risk and cost of cross-border investment with more efficient solutions, control the quality and speed of service with professional knowledge and experience, enhance corporate competitiveness and flexibility and support Daily business activities have diversified designated and efficient functional qualities in corporate management and operations, and establish a comprehensive and efficient support service platform for corporate expansion.

Provide strategies that allow customers to arrange schedules & predict efficiency before investment

The flexible plans for different
business investment projects.

Our service can meet Customer's
requirement anytime, anywhere

Assist customers to avoid risk
and manage financial cost

The success of your business allows Inter Area to concentrate on your investment planning.
We provide diversified solutions, and we provide a set of resources to assist in fulfilling your expectations.

At Inter Area, we firmly believe that reducing investment profile and improving financial planning should go hand in hand.

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