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Cross-Border Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) Payment Platform

The globalization of economic development has accelerated the development of global cross-border e-commerce, and also promoted the globalization of economic development, creating an excellent application platform for the globalization of economic development. Cross-border e-commerce has become the market trend of e-commerce in the future, and it will be a very attractive big cake. How to eat this cake? The prerequisite is to be familiar with cross-border e-commerce and understand its characteristics.

1.What is cross-border e-commerce?

  • Cross-border e-commerce is the development of new retail business from traditional retail to online e-commerce; From the previous focus on corporate capabilities = cost + efficacy + corporate resources, to today’s corporate capabilities = time + value + experience + relationship upgrade;From traditional method—>innovation method—> algorithm, SRM—>CRM management, both parties to the transaction use the Internet platform to conduct online transactions, electronic payment settlement, etc., and combine international logistics to directly distribute and deliver goods through a more efficient international business behavior. Enterprises in global trade and investment, enhance high degree of freedom and efficient operation convenience, and enhance capital circulation in order to maintain international competitiveness. In recent years, due to the revision and adjustment of overseas regional laws and policies, in order to reflect the ever-changing ecosystem of various corporate cultures, it is indeed
    necessary to know the correct concepts and new realities of the e-commerce system and choose the most suitable infrastructure for business operations.

2.What is cross border characteristics?

Low cost:

Cross-border E-commerce can simplified supply chain and goods circulation, significantly reduce the cost and expenses.


It is difficult to identify the E-commerce customer and its location.


The Internet is a borderless medium, with global new and decentralised characteristics, with global economic development, the cross-border E-commerce has become international and non-governmental.

Rapid evolving:

Cross-border E-commerce is a new thing and is still in its infancy. Like other newborn babies, it is bound to continue to change at an unprecedented rate and in unexpected ways.

3.Taiwan Established (Branch) Basic Business Registration Process

  1. E-commerce operators must tie up with one of payment provider to achieve verification process, and implement the procedure for submitting payment orders.
    At present, there are registered payment providers in Pingtan Cross-border, including All in pay and Fuiou pay. E-commerce providers can choose what their needs, and contact information can be obtained by contacting Pingtan Cross-border.
  2. Overseas (such as Taiwan) companies are very concerned about the cross-strait financial flows, especially mainland China is a country with foreign exchange control. It is very important for E-commerce merchants to repatriate funds. Based on personal experience, Through the cross-border payment process, the problem of remittance of flow can be solved.
  3. In the cross-border payment process, payment providers provide three types of services to cross-border E-commerce, namely online payment channels + cross-border payment settlement + customs payment data reporting and other combined payment solutions.

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