Dangerous Chemical Permits

Subject to related enterprises that in the dangerous chemical industry are required to obtain Dangerous Chemical Permits.

Dangerous Chemical Permits is issued by the State Administration of Work Safety which is addresses enterprises running legally. Enterprises running a business will be more flexible along with permits, also its reputation will get higher than normal enterprise.


There are two kinds of Dangerous chemical permits. Enterprises can only sell highly toxic chemical products subject to the first item permit, another one can only sell exclusive highly toxic chemical products subject to the second item permit.

The first item only inspected and issued by the province and above the government department. The second item can be inspected and issued by the local government. However, petroleum belongs to the first item.

Below dangerous chemical businesses are not required to obtain permits :

  1. Enterprise who has Dangerous Chemical Permits is allowed to sell their own dangerous chemical products in a certain area.
  2. Enterprise who has Port Running Permits is allowed to storage dangerous chemical products in the port.

Requirements for applying for Dangerous Chemical Permit

Since September 1st of 2019, according to the State Administration of Work Safety issued stipulations of Dangerous Chemical Permit Charter 1( section 3 ), a company that involved dangerous chemical product business is requested to apply for a permit before the operation.

Requirements :

  1. Operating place, storage place, facilities, and buildings are under certain standards
  2. Enterprises managements, security staffs, and general staffs are able to well-known safety knowledge, with related certifications.
  3. Enterprise specialists study safety training and obtain certifications
  4. Other Employees should have accepted safety producing training and obtain the qualification
  5. Enterprise has completely safety producing standards
  6. Enterprise has an emergency system and related rescue facilities
  7. Laws and regulations specific standards must be followed.

Enterprise along with storage function is required as below

  1. Storage located in a certain area was approved by the government.
  2. Qualified all related laws, stipulations, and standards.
  3. Processing safety estimate subjects to related regulations, beside estimate reports, must be qualified requirements.
  4. A specialist producer has to have related education level and qualification 
  5. Qualified related regulations as “Regulations on the Safety Management of Dangerous Chemicals”, “Interim Provisions on the Supervision and Management of Major Dangerous Sources of Dangerous Chemicals”, “General Rules for the Storage of Commonly Used Dangerous Chemicals” (GB15603).


Which enterprise is required to apply for?

Along with marketing economics and legal systems are more and more standardized, it is definitely hard to run a business without Dangerous Chemical Permits. Inter-Area provides bespoke service in order to assist clients to gain permits with professional services shortly. Below are a few types of enterprises required to apply.

  1. Explosive products
  2. Compress and liquefy gas
  3. Combustible liquid
  4. Combustible solid, spontaneous combustion, and wet combustible goods.
  5. Oxidants and organic peroxides
  6. Toxic
  7. Corrosive
  8. Petroleum

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