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Certification of each country usually in the name of an overseas company to establish individual investment factories in China, business trading company, representative office, branch, service-type company, equity change and license extension for authentication at the local embassy.

Inter Area has years of experience can provide clients not only oversea company registration, certification and the relevant documents of embassy certification.

Inter Area has the professional personnel and familiar about the transaction of an offshore company, we can provide clients from offshore company establishment planning, registration, open bank account, the actual operation, relevant notice, the newest information, the most complete, quick and reassuring service. In according to the client’s investment background and proposal to provide different service, empirically new experience determine the value of the future.

I.The certification concept and function

  • Certification documents including civil certification and commercial certification.Civil certification: birth, education, income certificate, etc.Commercial certification: certificate of origin, formal invoice, bill of lading, insurance certificate, etc.
  • Embassy certification function not only is a convention but also is prescribed in the form of law in lots of countries. Certified bills and documents have the legal effect of the extraterritorial zone, recognized by the relevant authorities in the country of use. This has laid the need for embassy authentication.

II.Why do you need embassy certification?

  • Company document certification is most common at an investment of a foreign entity company(offshore company), currently, foreign investment specifications are more rigorous in each country, so they are required to be certified by the local embassy, for this to make sure the authenticity and validity of investment documents. For example : trade document notarization/legal action notarization/asset trading notarization/asset trust notarization, etc.

III.Common embassy certification applications and certification process

  • When using an offshore company to establish a foreign company in China, both the Commerce Bureau and the trade and industry Bureau require foreign investment entities to be certified. What is the subject qualification of a foreign investor? What are the qualifications for notarization? The qualification of foreign investment entities is the legal registration certificate of overseas companies, such as the certificate of registration of overseas companies and documents such as Good standing.
  • The authentication process of notarization of overseas companies:

First step

Notarization by an international notary.


Second step

Foreign affairs authentication.


Third step

Certification of Chinese Embassy abroad.


IV.Overseas embassy certification Q&A

Q1.What is the function of the overseas embassy certification?

Q2.When will the embassy authentication be used?

Q3.What is the difference between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs certification and the embassy certification?

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