Human Resources License

HUMAN RESOURCES PERMITS is an essential requirement to set up a human resources agency, meanwhile, this permit strongly secures and standardizes the human resources service industry and improves the setup level.

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  1. The agency that directly under national or city shall submit a written application to the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and provide a complete set of materials in accordance with the requirements as required. And the Social Security Bureau issued the “Human Resources Service Permit.”
  2. Others should submit a written application to the district (county) Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and provide complete and qualified materials in accordance with the requirements. After approval, the district (county) The Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issues the Human Resources Service Permit.
  3. Processing period and management:
  • The processing period costs 20 days start form submitted. If the prescribed conditions are met, the Human Resources Service Permit (hereinafter referred to as the “Permit”) shall be issued; If a decision cannot be made within 20 days, it can be extended for another 10 days with the approval of the person in charge of the examination and approval authority.
  • The district (county) human resources and social security bureau shall issue the “Permit” on the spot and report it to the city ’s human resources and society after receiving the “Notification Commitment Letter” signed by the applicant and a complete set of application materials that meet the requirements. The district (county) Human Resources and Social Security Bureau shall verify and check the contents of the Notice of Commitment for the domestic agencies that have been issued with the Permit within 2 months. If it does not meet the promised content, the human resources and social security departments will investigate and deal with it according to law.
  • With PERMITS Human Resources company has to register in accordance with regulations.
  • After PERMITS, the agency has to accept daily or annual inspections by the human resources and social security departments.
  • If any alternation of termination, the agency has to follow the previous application process or log out registration.
  • The human resources and social security departments implement daily management and supervision of agencies, and any illegal business activities, will be investigated and punished according to law.

II、What kind of companies requests to apply for?

  1. Talent Agency (Head Hunting);
  2. Talent information includes collection, sorting, storage, release, and consulting services
  3. Online job seeking service
  4. Talent recommendation
  5. Talent recruitment
  6. Talent training
  7. Talent assessment
  8. Career agency

To provide recruitments information for job hunters, vice versa. Conducting career guidance, human resource management consulting services, collecting and publishing recruitment information, engaging in Internet job information services according to relevant regulations. Organizing Career recruitment fairs, other service projects approved by the labor security administrative department.

III、Application for setting up Human Resources Service Agency

  1. Fill in the application form of registration of human resources service agency;
  2. The property right or lease certificate of the location;
  3. Not less than 2billions Yuan registered capital;
  4. 5 or more employees with a college education or above and relevant training certificate ;
  5. Complete work regulations, systems, rules for developing human resources services, and safety management systems;
  6. “Notice on Pre-approval of Enterprise Name” issued by the administrative department. (In duplicate) After the application is approved, the Human Resources and Social Security Department of the Provincial Department will verify and approve the Human Resources Service Permit. The company can apply for Human Resources Service Business with the Human Resource Service Permit and related documents.