Industrial product production licenses are an integral part of the production license system and are designed to ensure product quality and safety. A monitoring system for controlling the production and processing conditions of products formulated and implemented by the administrative department of national product quality supervision.

The system stipulates that citizens, legal persons or other organizations engaged in product production and processing must have basic production conditions to ensure product quality and safety, and obtain an Industrial Product Production License in accordance with prescribed procedures before they can engage in product production.

Enterprises cannot produce products without an Industrial Product Production License. No business or individual can sell without a license.

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Table of Contents

  • Applicable industries of industrial product license
  • Basic conditions for industrial product license
  • Application Process and Matters for Industrial Product License
  • Matters of industrial product licenses



Applicable industries of industrial product license

Implement a production license system to enterprises that produce the following important industrial products:


  1. Dairy products, meat products, beverages, rice, noodles, cooking oil, alcohol and other processed foods that are directly related to human health.
  2. Electric blankets, pressure cookers, gas water heaters and other products that may endanger personal and property safety;
  3. Cash registers, banknote detectors, satellite television broadcasting ground receiving equipment, wireless broadcasting television transmitting equipment and other products related to financial security and communication quality safety;
  4. Safety nets, safety helmets, construction fasteners, and other products that guarantee labor safety
  5. Electric power towers, bridge supports, railway industrial products, hydraulic metal structures, hazardous chemicals and their packaging, containers and other products that affect product safety and public safety.

Basic conditions for industrial product license

  1. Have a business license.
  2. Have professional and technical personnel suitable for the products produced.
  3. Have production conditions and inspection methods appropriate to the product.
  4. Technology and craftsmanship appropriate to the products produced.
  5. Have a complete and effective quality control system and responsibility system.
  6. Products qualified with national standards, industry standards, and requirements to protect human health and the safety of people and property.
  7. In line with national industrial policy, these conditions do not exist, including the state requires that investment and construction be eliminated or consumes high energy, pollute the environment, and waste resources.


Application Process and Matters for Industrial Product License

  • Enterprises applying for production licenses must fill out the “Production License Application Form” in quadruplicate in a uniform format and report it to the Business Section of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.
  • The enterprise should provide the following documents:
  1. Business license of a corporate legal person.
  2. Routine (type) inspection reports.
  3. Environmental protection and sanitation certification.
  • After the business department has passed all the preliminary examinations, submit the application data to the Business Section of the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and they will arrange the preliminary review and inspection.
  • The municipal bureau will submit the application documents to the Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision after the preliminary examination.
  • Production License

The “National Industrial Product Production License Application Form” is applicable to the production license application for enterprise license issuance, renewal, relocation, and addition

  1. Product Category: Enter the name of the product listed in the Product Catalog of Industrial Product Production License.
  2. Product name: Fill in the product name of the implementation details.
  3. Business name: Fill in the registered name on the business license of the company and affix the official seal.
  4. Contact phone: Enter the company phone number.
  5. Contact person: Fill in the name of the person responsible for the production license of the enterprise.
  6. Application categories: product units, varieties, specifications, and models.

Matters of industrial product licenses

  1. The production license is valid for 4 years, and within 6 months before the expiration, the original license must be reapplied. At the same time, the production license is subject to an annual inspection system.
  2. The production license shall include such items as the license number, the name of the enterprise, the legal representative, the person in charge of the enterprise, the type of enterprise, the registered and production address, the scope of production, the issuing authority, the date of issue, the period of validity, etc.
  3. Enterprises are not allowed to produce products outside the scope of the license and shall immediately stop the production and sales of the products after the production license is revoked.