Non-commercial ICP Filing

In modern technology, the operation of websites is often the basic tool for enterprises to sell to the outside world. Through the operation of the website, more customers can know our company. Especially in the current environment where the Internet is prevalent, the government has regulations on websites. The purpose is to let companies be responsible for the content they post to users. ICP filing applies for an identity card for a similar domain. Any violation of the law or the violation of the rules, the competent authority can immediately punish the ICP filing. Therefore, ICP filing application for companies , credibility is higher for visitors.

Why apply for ICP filing?

In order to standardize the security of the network and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the operators of the website, the mainland has no non-operating websites that have legally filed ICP records. According to the nature of the website, fines will be imposed, and the website will be severely closed to standardize network security and prevent all criminal activities that use network resources for illegal activities.

ICP filing conditions

There must be a legally registered company in China and a legal business license. Enterprises must provide their own website function variable name and website management manager before they can apply for ICP filing.

There are many companies in China, and many people will be rejected by the ICP filing unit because they do not know whether their website function variable name has been applied. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the ICP filing personnel to query the enterprise, in order to avoid wasting time in the application process.

What is the impact of companies that have not applied for ICP filing?

  1. Website speed: The domain and website servers that apply for filing in the mainland are all local resources in the mainland. Therefore, when visitors visit the company’s webpage, the relative website speed will be relatively stable, and naturally, it will not affect the visitor’s experience.
  2. The trustworthiness of visitors: With the institutionalization of ICP filing on the website, visitors are gradually raising their awareness. During the process of visiting the website, they will also consciously check the registration number of the website. If there is no basic record number, The trust of users will be greatly reduced.
  3. Unable to carry out search promotion: no website filing, it can’t be promoted through the formal pipeline search engine. Some companies may need to outsource their website operations to online marketing companies (eg, company recruitment, business promotion, etc.)
  4. Most online marketing companies in China will conduct qualification reviews before opening an account to the enterprise, and whether the website is filed through ICP is an important part of the review. Unregistered companies are unable to do search engine payment promotions. At the same time, unregistered websites will be reported or checked out by the management bureau and will be closed unconditionally.

The difference between the ICP filing application and the ICP license application

Many companies will not know the difference between “ICP filing” and “ICP license”. Internet information services in China are divided into two categories: operational and non-operating. The filing system for non-operating Internet information services is called “ICP Recording” in the industry. It is enough for the general enterprise website to apply for ICP filing. If it is a website with sales behavior, such as a self-operated cross-border e-commerce platform, you must apply for an “ICP license”.

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