Set Up Company In Anguilla 

Political and economic stability in Anguilla and has a good financial services regulatory system ; Anguilla is a tax-neutral jurisdiction and companies registered here do not distinguish between local and offshore companies (Overseas companies). Enjoy the tax-free, there is no control over the entry and exit of funds.

Company profile of Anguilla Islands

  • British Anguilla is located northeast of the Caribbean Sea in Central America, near the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and St. Kitts. It is about 950 miles southeast of Miami, Florida, and has a population of about 15,000. With a land area of 91 square kilometers, it is a British overseas colony and is directly under the jurisdiction of the London government.
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The advantages and features of setting up an offshore company in Anguilla

  1. The establishment of Anguilla is extremely flexible and requires little information to be reported to the authorities.
  2. No need to prepare and submit financial statements.
  3. Company information is confidential and will not reveal the ultimate beneficiary.
  4. No need to hold a meeting on the island, you can join the meeting by phone or through other electronic communication tools.
  5. Anguilla’s company documents are simple to set up, and only need to pay the government fees to the local government and the company secretary’s fees every year, and it can keep normally.

Offshore company establishment and registration requirements of Anguilla

  1. Generally, the company is mainly named English, and the Chinese name can also be added to the company registration certificate (but the membership fee will increase).
  2. At least one director: either individual or company.
  3. Founded Anguilla company shall have at least one shareholder; the company could issue registered and bearer shares.
  4. The standard registered capital is USD 50,000. (You can increase capital, but the fee will increase)

Documents required to set up an offshore company in Anguilla

1.Identity document
of Director.
2.Identity document
 of the shareholder.
3.The shareholding
ratio of Shareholders.

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