Company types of Cayman Islands can be divided into three categories, including Ordinary Resident Company, Non-Resident Company and Exempted Company. Among them, Exempted Company is mainly used to do financial planning by various countries enterprises and individuals. Exempted companies are not allowed to do local business, guarantee 20 years of exemption from any local taxes. Every company registered in Cayman requires a registered address and a director/shareholder. Information about company directors, shareholders, and leaders should be made public exactly. The registered capital of Cayman companies usually cost the US $ 50,000.

Company profile of Cayman Islands

  • The Cayman Islands is located in the Caribbean Sea, 268 kilometers northwest of Jamaica, and 640 kilometers south of Miami. It consists of three major islands and it still belongs to British territory. The Cayman Islands government has been quite stable for a long time and English is the main official language. In 1990, the “Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty” agreement was signed with the United States and the United Kingdom in order to jointly prevent international criminal organizations and use Cayman’s financial system to conduct illegal transactions (such as drug trafficking or money laundering).
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The advantages and uses of setting up an offshore company in the Cayman Islands

  • It is mainly positioned as an “investment holding” company. Because it can be listed on the NASDAQ in the United States, Hong Kong Venture Edition, and the Singapore Stock Exchange. Therefore, it is mostly used as a holding company to coordinate most assets under the name of the enterprise. Because the maintenance costs are higher, the general plan will be set up before the plan goes public, and then purchase the assets to facilitate the accountant’s review to thrift expenses.
  • In addition, the British Cayman Islands have also been acquiesced by the local government of Taiwan and have been included in the “List of Reciprocal Countries for Foreigners to Acquire or Set Land Rights in Taiwan “. When their people acquire or set up land rights in Taiwan, they do not need to attach reciprocity-certified documents. (Taiwan (90) Mainland China Word No. 0904-7888 of the Ministry of the Interior, March 27) Therefore, if you want to come to Taiwan to obtain and own land rights as an offshore company, additionally to Taiwan as an offshore company to establish a branch, you can only use the name of the British Virgin Islands or British Cayman Islands.

Related regulations of setting an offshore company in the Cayman Islands

1.Company name
in English.
2.A correspondence
address in English.
3.Copy of passport of
at least one
shareholder/ director.
4.The standard
registered capital
is USD 50,000.
(You can increase capital,
but the fee will increase)

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