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Taiwan Investment Commission Moea

With many years of industrial and commercial experience, Inter Area can not only help customers to pay attention/services but also help them to establish and register companies and branches in Taiwan and open accounts.
Chinese investors investing in Taiwan can choose Inter Area because they have professional talents who are familiar with Taiwan’s industrial and commercial affairs and account opening matters and are accompanied by a special person. Provided, designed to provide customers with the most complete, fast, and secure service.
The focus is on the background and purpose of the customer’s practical investment.
Different products and services generate new experiences in determining future value.

1.Chinese investors come to Taiwan to set up a company/branch review and management mechanism

  • Chinese investors come to Taiwan to set up a company/branch review and management mechanism. The Investment Review Committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs has established a land investment review mechanism and a reporting mechanism for the source of land capital or other matters to facilitate identification and management of identity. The competent authority shall check the declaration when necessary, and jointly review with the relevant authorities based on the amount of the application, the type of project, the type of investment, and the identity of the investor.

2.Foreign-funded enterprises, people from the mainland, and legal persons invest in Taiwan

  • To set up a company in Taiwan, you must first apply for a pre-check of the name and business: the business name and pre-check of the business, and the business project to be operated (must meet the positive list of “People from the Mainland China’s Investment in Taiwan”), Before applying for business registration, you must obtain the establishment permission of the destination business authority. You must apply for the establishment of business registration in Taiwan after obtaining the establishment of the business permission of the destination business authority.

3.Taiwan Established (Branch) Basic Business Registration Process

  1. Company name application for approval.
  2. Apply for a land investment permit.
  3. Apply for approval of the remittance of investment funds.
  4. The company’s establishment registration-operating business items must conform to the positive list of “People from Mainland China’s Investment in Taiwan”.
  5. Apply for tax debt number.
  6. Apply for business registration.
  7. Application for factory establishment registration-depending on the selected plant location (exempt for non-manufacturing and processing industries).
  8. Registration of Import and Export Manufacturers-For Traders.

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