Trade Practice Case

The mode of operation of international trade enterprises, generally speaking, having the process of receiving orders from abroad and shipping to foreign countries, and involving foreign orders, there will be problems of currency fluctuations and exchange differences. The documents produced also need to use national or English documents to facilitate the quotation and reconciliation application to customers. In addition, from Quotation, P/I, S/C, Shantou, packaging requirements to the customs declaration, container shipping, bank letter of credit, mixed cabinet arrangement, shipping notice, Invoice and Packing List, Shipping Advice… The documents, amount, delivery date, manpower, and material resources to be controlled must be managed. Triangle trade is formatted as important for this mode of operation. Triangular trade refers to the export of goods and goods, and the international transactions between the two countries are carried out through third-party intermediaries. [Local orders, shipments from other countries] is a typical representative of triangular trade. Triangular trade or multi-angle trade management can help enterprises to quickly transfer orders and provide correct data tossing orders. Whether it is an automatic transfer of various documents, you can specify the difference between the final supplier, the flexible pricing method and the commission income. The functions of transaction currency processing, multi-factory condition tracking, progress inquiry, etc., to meet the global trade operation mode of global enterprises. In order to reduce the risk of international trade operations, almost all traders nowadays, the international trade model buys goods from foreign sources and indirectly sells them to customers. At this point, you need a tax-free overseas trading company (such as Samoa / Seychel…etc.) to act as an intermediary to make an Invoice & Packing List, in order to strengthen the international price competitiveness, using a tax-free overseas company as an invoice company. For example, traders receive orders from European and American customers, Taiwan traders place orders with Chinese manufacturers, goods are shipped to Australian customers through traders’ overseas companies, and Golden Streams are European and American customers remittances to traders offshore companies, offshore companies. Remittance to Chinese manufacturers.