Translation Service

  • Inter Area has professional translators who can provide professional business English translation services for clients. The translation business mainly includes: IT information technology, mechanical electronics, financial finance, legal notarization, business negotiation, equipment introduction and installation and commissioning, project bidding Investment promotion, power equipment, product manuals, product brochures, tenders, legal contracts, financial annual reports, professional papers, website translation, academic certificates, study abroad materials, business licenses, etc.
  • Inter Area first guarantee of quality when providing translation services to customers is that quality assurance is a top priority for every business, especially for quality translations. The translation of a technical professional documentation, bidding documents, contracts, and company reports involves a wide-span comprehensive content. If you are not trained in professional language translation, it is difficult to grasp the professionalism of all content translation, and it will produce the result of meaning, mistranslation, and even translation.
  • Inter Area specializes in the project and is specialized from the beginning of the translation process. From the receipt of the manuscript, the project manager analyzes the professional level of the data, and refines the professional discipline to a specific field, so as to achieve a professional counterpart in the true sense. All translations must be rigorously literate and professionally proofread. The full-time translation of our translation center is always ready to provide you with high quality, low price, and fast and standard service, saving you precious time and energy, so that you have more time and energy to pay attention to the more important part of your career.