Travel Agency License

Travel Agency license refers to a travel agency ’s qualification to operate a travel business. It is uniformly printed by the National Tourism Administration and issued by the tourism administrative department with the authority to approve. According to the sort of travel agencies, the license is divided into “International Travel Agency license ” and “Domestic Travel Agency license “.

The license should indicate the business scope of the travel agency. Travel agencies should strictly carry out business activities in accordance with this business scope. Possessing the “Travel Agency License” can engage in the business activities of handling the exit, entry and visa procedures for tourists, serve and receiving tourists, arranging accommodation and other paid services for tourists. Those who have not obtained a permit shall not engage in the tourism business.

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Application Conditions for Travel Agency license

Article 12 of the “Regulations on the Administration of Travel Agencies”: “The tourism administrative department shall issue the” Travel Agency License “to the approved applicants, and the applicant shall obtain the business license from the industry and commerce administration organ with the” Travel Agency License “.

Those who have not obtained the “Travel Agency License ” shall not engage in tourism business. “Enterprises or individuals applying for” Travel Agency Business License “need to meet the following conditions:

  1. In line with the tourism business development plan.
  2. Meet the needs of the tourism market.
  3. Have a fixed place of business; necessary business facilities; trained personnel who hold qualification certificates issued by the tourism administrative department of the people’s government, autonomous region, and municipality level.
  4. The registered capital of travel agency:(1) International travel agency: not less than RMB 1.5 million.(2) Domestic travel agency: not less than RMB 300,000.
  5. Travel agencies pay quality guarantee: 600,000 RMB for international agencies operating an inbound business; 1 million RMB for operating outbound tourism.

Which company need to apply for a travel agency business license

As the market economy becomes more standardized, the legal system and the regulatory system for the tourism industry are becoming more and more perfect. For enterprises that want to engage in the tourism industry, it is impossible to do without a Travel Agency license.

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  1. Enterprises engaged in the inbound tourism business, such as the business of receiving foreigners to travel, etc.
  2. Enterprises engaged in the outbound tourism business, such as the business of bringing guests from their home countries to countries that have established diplomatic relations with China.
  3. Enterprises engaged in the domestic tourism business, such as the tourism business in China.