Foreigners can find a job in China when they got the work permit. It ensures foreign workers and also can stay longer in China.(The general business visa period is one month, foreigners who get a work visa can stay for one year)Foreign worker who got the work permit can enjoy lots of preferential policies such as purchase immovable property, cars or insurance, etc.

Application form for a Foreigner work permit

Foreign workers must apply notification for a work permit, through government issued the notification, a foreigner may apply for a work permit at government unit.

The government will be required relevant information:

  • Work experience certification:Applicant provides their work experience certification.
  • Education Certificate:If the applicant’s highest degree certificate is obtained abroad must be a certificate by abroad embassy.
  • No criminal record certificate:Applicant must be certificated by a local police officer, court and certificate through abroad embassy, issue time within 6 months.
  • Medical certificate:The inspection records, verification certificates or health inspection certificates issued by the medical institutions within the territory of China shall be issued within 6 months.
  • Contract of employment or job certificate:Contract of Chinese employment is required and seal by an employer.
  • Certification of accompanying family members:In case of accompanying family members, family identification and proof of relationship with the applicant should be provided.

Foreigner work permit

After the government issued the notification of a work permit, an applicant can get a work permit at a relevant unit and enjoy lots of preferential.

The simple procedure of applying for a foreigner work permit:

1. Employer prepares documents

2. Employer applies exam

3. Foreigner prepares documents

4. Documents examined by Bureau of Municipal Affairs

5. Foreigner applies for a work permit after entry

6.Examination and issue work permit