The annual inspection of an enterprise refers to the industrial and commercial administrative authority inspecting the enterprise according to the law according to law, and confirming the legalization of the enterprise’s continuing business qualification. The company shall obtain the Business License of the Enterprise Legal Person of the People’s Republic of China, the Business License of the People’s Republic of China, and the Business License of the Enterprise Legal Person. “Limited Liability Company, Co., Ltd., a non-corporate corporate legal person and other business units of “Business License” are required to participate in the annual inspection. Companies that have registered in the same year will participate in the annual inspection from the following year.



1. Enterprise annual inspection time

  • According to Article 5 of the “Measures for Annual Inspection of Enterprises”, the starting date of the annual inspection is from March 1 to June 30 of each year (the earthquake-stricken area is as of September 30). The registration authority checks the company’s situation in the previous year within the stipulated time.



2. The main contents of the enterprise annual inspection included

  1. Implementation and changes in business registration matters;
  2. The capital contribution of the shareholders or investors or the conditions for the cooperation;
  3. Foreign investment of enterprises;
  4. The establishment of branches by enterprises;
  5. Production and operation of the enterprise.



3. The basic process of enterprise annual inspection

  1. Enterprises apply for and submit annual inspection reports and other relevant materials year within the stipulated time.
  2. The registration authority accepts and approves the annual inspection materials;
  3. The enterprise pays the annual inspection fee;
  4. The registration authority attaches the annual inspection mark and stamps the annual inspection stamp;
  5. The registration authority shall return the business license of the enterprise.



Documents to be submitted 

1.Annual inspection
 2.Business license; 3.Corporate legal
person annual
balance sheet
and income
4.Other materials
that should
be submitted.




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