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Taiwan OBU (OFFSHORE BANKING UNIT) is the abbreviation of International
Financial Business Branch. It is often mistaken for OBU to refer to an offshore
company. In fact, OBU actually refers to an account opened by an overseas company in Taiwan. The government separates it from the local financial system, uses foreign currency as a transaction intermediary, and the overseas customer is the transaction object. Tax relief, or exemption from financial controls and other preferential conditions, attract international financial industry to come to engage in financial business.

  • Inter Area has many years of business experience, the customer’s attention /service is not only to help customers register and open accounts related to overseas companies (such as opening an account in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, etc.). Because Inter Area has professional talents who are familiar with overseas companies and overseas companies to open accounts, there are also people who accompany them to open accounts in Hong Kong or open accounts in Singapore. It is also important to help customers with planning, registration, practical cases and related precautions, and the latest information. Designed to provide customers with the most complete, fast and secure service.
    The focus is on the background and purpose of the customer’s practical investment, and the new experience in different products and services that determine the value of the future determines the value of the future.

Ⅰ. OBU Features

Since the central bank has greatly expanded the business scope of OBU, it has allowed OBU to undertake the development, notification, and bill of exchange of letters of credit. As the cross-strait economic and trade activities become more and more enthusiastic, the opening of the letter of credit business will enable the function of OBU to be further developed.

—————————   Its characteristics are as follows:    —————————

  1. Freedom of funds:
    Freedom of international exchange, liberalization of capita lmovements, and generally no restrictions on the funds of international financial business branches. In the name of an overseas company, it is possible to avoid the exchange rate difference caused by the return of overseas surpluses to the Taiwanese parent company and remittance.
  2. Tax concessions:
    The state often gives deposits and deposit insurance to international financial business branches in order to attract more players to trade.
  3. Tax simple:
    overseas companies have no local tax burden in Taiwan.The international trade carried out in the OBU, because ofthe transaction occurred abroad, is not subject to business tax, profit-making business income tax, stamp duty, and other taxes, and can retain funds overseas, which is conducive to tax arrangements and planning, in order to achieve legal and tax-saving.
  4. Financial Facility:
    OBU capital cost is low, and overseas customers can borrow from OBU to enjoy a preferential lending rate. It is easy to operate import and export business such as opening letters of credit and bills. Freedom of funds in and out, facilitating the expansion of overseas investment and international trade is not subject to the restrictions of domestic banking laws and central bank regulations and is not subject to interest rate management regulations.

Ⅱ. OBU Advantage

  1. Exemption from profit-making business income tax, business tax, and stamp duty.
  2. Foreign currency accounts are not affected by exchange rate fluctuations.
  3. Capitalism and autonomy are high.
  4. It is easy to operate import and export business such as opening letters of credit and bills.
  5. Except as otherwise provided by the Ordinance, it is not regulated by the Managed Foreign Exchange Ordinance.
  6. Except as otherwise provided by the regulations, it is not subject to the restrictions of the domestic banking laws and central bank regulations.
  7. Except as otherwise provided by the regulations, it is not subject to the interest rate management regulations.
  8. Deposits are free of deposit reserve and are free of bad debts.
  9. It is regarded as a bank account outside Taiwan and is highly confidential.

Ⅲ. OBU Opening Qualification

  • Natural person:
    An individual who holds a foreign passport andhas no residence in Taiwan.
  • Company:
    The company incorporated in Taiwan: an overseas branch of a Taiwanese company.
    Overseas companies, such as
    A. Foreign companies (excluding branches in Taiwan).
    B. Foreign governments and financial institutions.

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