Banking Services Management

Banking Services Management

Multinational investment, regional banking regulations, and foreign exchange regulations are different.
Inter Area has local China Account Agent staff that can provide customers about local banking assistance. It does not only save labor costs and more efficiently, but also let the bank’s operations more immediate and faster.

I.Foreign capital settlement

  • After the foreign-funded enterprises initially enter into foreign capital, they must start the company’s management cost, or they must purchase foreign currency into RMB before they can use it. However, the capital cannot be settled at will and must be The corresponding project, the number of rules used to determine how much.
  • Our company can assist clients in reviewing the use of funds and preparation materials for customer settlement in addition to the general capital settlement transaction, in order to help customers successfully settle foreign funds.

II.Apply for overseas remittance

  • Because the country will have foreign exchange control factors, it is not free to remit funds. If the company wants to remit domestic funds abroad, it must prepare corresponding materials and documents. Our company has a rich foreign exchange for customers. Experience, in addition to the documents that customers need to prepare and the bank’s application for foreign exchange procedures, it is more important to save customers valuable time to and from the bank and smoothly remit the money.

III.Apply for company-specific cash check

  • Bank-specific cash checks are used by companies as remittances to other companies, or to the general expenses of the company. The number and amount of checks given by the general bank will also be limited, because the number of checks that the bank initially gives to the company is not large, and the company must be cautious. If you use a small mistake, the check will be invalidated. The check will be invalidated frequently.
  • When the number of applications is too many, the bank will regard the enterprise as the object of inspection, which will make it difficult for the enterprise to purchase the check.
  • In order to create unnecessary risks for the company, our company can apply for a cash check application. If the customer needs to fill in the application for the check, we have rich experience and reduce the error rate of the customer application.

IV.Bank confirmation letter

  • The bank confirmation letter refers to the accountant (audit) office issued to the bank in the name of the audited enterprise during the execution of the audit, to verify the bank deposits and borrowings of the enterprise, the investor (shareholder) capital contribution, and the guarantee and commitment. Whether the letter of credit, letter of guarantee, other matters, etc. are true, legal and complete inquiring written information. Our company cooperates with qualified accounting firms, and experienced accountants assist clients in issuing verification letters to banks.

V.Issue a letter of credit

  • Credit certificate refers to various documents and vouchers issued by banks or other financial institutions to prove the assets and credit status of others. It is written evidence. The credit certificate is issued in any name or form, and the core is to prove that another person owns an asset, a creditor’s right or a degree of economic strength.
  • The general bank accepts the client’s application and, within the scope of the bank’s recorded data, through the collection and sorting of the customer’s capital movement records and related information, a consulting-type intermediary business that proves the customer’s credit status in the form of a letter of credit certificate.
  • Inter Area can be a Banking assistant to support our customers apply for credit certificate applications. Our services also provide files that companies often use when signing contracts, handling administrative affairs, or bidding.

VI.Other banking affairs

  • Inter Area still provides other banking affairs such as the application of various forms of business, handling of the affairs of the cabinet, contacting the bank personnel on behalf of the bank, assisting in the installation of online banking, application for password letters, etc.

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