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Trademark Reg.

Ensuring that the trademark registrant has the right to identify the goods or services.

It is used by producers or operators of commodities in the commodities they produce, manufacture, process, select or distribute, or by service providers in the services they provide, and used to distinguish the source of commodities or services, Letters, numbers, three-dimensional signs, color combinations, or a combination of the above elements, signs with distinctive features are the products of the modern economy.

I. Why use a trademark?

A trademark is to ensure that the trademark registrant has the exclusive right to identify goods or services, or to license others to use it for remuneration, so that the trademark registrant is protected.

The term of protection is ten years from the date of the trademark registration announcement, but after the expiration of the term, the trademark can be renewed by paying additional fees, and the number of times is unlimited;

Trademark protection is generally carried out by the local industry and commerce bureau with the cooperation of the investigation. If the negotiation fails, it is implemented by the court. 

In most systems, the court has the power to stop trademark infringement. In a broad sense, trademarks contribute to positive and enterprising spirits around the world by rewarding trademark registrants for their recognition and economic benefits.

Trademark protection also deters unfair competitors, such as counterfeiters, from promoting inferior or different products or services with similar distinguishing marks. This system enables skilled and enterprising people to produce and sell goods and services under the fairest conditions possible, thereby facilitating the development of international trade.

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II.Trademark Registration Function

Trademarks can be your most valuable asset; trademarks represent the quality and reputation of products and services that enable consumers to remember your products and services.

  • 1.The registration of trademarks can lay a foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises and the creation of strong brands;
  • 2.Trademark registration has the function of distinguishing the origin of goods or services, guiding consumers to buy or consumer goods;
  • 3.Promote the continuous improvement and stability of the quality of products or services by producers or operators;
  • 4.The registration of trademarks in the mainland is conducive to market competition and advertising, and is a symbol of corporate reputation and quality;
  • 5.Avoid registering your own trademarks by others; avoid paying huge compensation for unintentional infringement;
  • 6.Prevent others from re-registering the same or confusing trademark on the category of goods or services that you are using;
  • 7.After the trademark is registered, it can effectively object to similar trademarks or protect rights;
  • 8.Trademarks are an important property of the company. The registration of a trademark application can help the company evaluate the assets at the time of the stock or when it is acquired.

III.Documents to be prepared for applying for a trademark

  • Copy of company license;
  • Reproduction of the trademark (including text or graphics, etc.);
  • Inform the product or service you want to register, for example, whether you want to register clothing or appliances.

V.Trademark Application

Trademark Registration Inquiry


Before applying for registration, the trademark applicant or its agent shall have the same or similar inquiry work as to whether the trademark applied for is the same as the trademark of the prior rights.

Trademark Registration Form Review

If the trademark authority has applied for the registration of trademarks and the procedures are in compliance with the law, the examination authority shall formulate the application number and determine the application date. It is very important to establish the application date. Since the application of the Chinese trademark registration adopts the principle of the prior application, once the application date has become the legal basis for determining the trademark right, the application date of the trademark registration shall be subject to the date of receipt of the application by the Trademark Office.
The Office is notified by the trademark application for the acceptance of the
application for the formal requirements.

Substantive Review Of Trademark Registration

Trademark registration authority shall conduct a series of activities such as>>

  • Inspection
  • Data retrieval
  • Analysis comparison
  • Investigation
    on whether the trademark registration application complies with the provisions of the Trademark Law and decide to give preliminary approval or rejection of the application.

Notice Of Initial Review Of Trademark Registration

The decision to allow registration in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Trademark Law. And announced in the “Trademark Notice”. If the trademark has not been filed for three months from the date of publication of the preliminary examination and approval, the trademark shall be registered and a registration notice shall be published. If no objection is filed within three months or if the objection is not established,the registration of the trademark shall become effective and the registration certificate shall be issued.