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Offshore Company Registration

You may have seen information about offshore companies in certain news. But after all, this information is fragmented. Next, we will summarize and provide a concise and easy-to-understand explanation of the definition of offshore companies and how they operate. In fact, regardless of the size of the company, expanding the market and creating growth must understand the market context, customer behavior, purchasing habits and changes in expectations…With various aspects of the overall market, we have rich experience and knowledge that advances with the times. The professional intelligence team, well-organized internal and external communication, communicate and educate at any time, understand the changes in the market environment and determine the good time to master the conversion path, prepare for the action, and inspire the best and most suitable winning strategy.

1. Introduction 

  • Offshore companies are also called OBU companies. Common offshore companies are established in places like Seychelles (or Seychelles), Marshall Islands, British Virgin Islands BVI, Belize, Hong Kong, Samoa, United Kingdom, Labuan… etc. Offshore companies are similar to domestic companies in that they can open bank accounts, own property, conduct business, sign written agreements, trading, and engage in other forms of business activities. They are also known as international business companies (IBC or Offshore IBC).
  • Generally, an offshore company is a company established in a country/region different from the country of residence of the company holder, which also means that it does not engage in any economic activities in that particular country/region. For example, suppose your business operates in Europe, uses a Hong Kong company to operate European business trade, and conducts business activities in countries/ regions other than Hong Kong so that your company can enjoy the benefits provided by Hong Kong (for example, Hong Kong’s Income exemption).”Will this violate the law?”
  • Normally you might think that offshore companies are the ideal choice of criminal and corrupt people to avoid paying taxes. Although this is true in some cases, in most other cases, companies use offshore companies for legitimate purposes. Similar to any other type of company, foreign companies are governed by the laws of their jurisdictions, allowing you to conduct business legally.

2. Why register offshore companies?

Offshore companies have many different uses and operating methods. Different locations of offshore companies also have different operating conditions and advantages. What are the benefits of setting up an offshore company?
★Obtain tax incentives:
You can enjoy tax incentives for offshore companies with low or even no tax.
★Investment holding:
Using offshore companies to conduct the entity company investment to reduces the investment risk.
★International trade:
Trade in three / four corners in the international market.
★Intellectual property (IP) protection:
Offshore companies hold intellectual property rights so that others cannot infringe on your company’s patents, trademarks, copyrights and other IP assets.
★Asset planning:
It can do more effective and flexible planning for personal and family assets.
★VIE structure-function:
Variable interest entity, also known as agreement control, VIE does not actually control a company by signing an agreement without holding the shares.

3. How to set up an offshore company? Steps of incorporation of your offshore company?

Steps of incorporation of your offshore company
  • The registration of offshore companies is fast, and both individuals and companies can apply. The establishment of an agent company is entrusted without the need to register locally. The procedure for setting up an offshore company is as follows:
  • Step1:Consult a professional agency service company.
    In an uncertain economic environment through careful risk&return analysis has become increasingly important,smart investing strategies usually stem from knowing what financial mistakes to avoid, how to sniff out a good investment opportunity, taking calculated risks, and of course, saving as much as possible. Hence it is important to regularly rebalance your investment portfolio to ensure it is in line with your targets and purposes.
  • Step2:Choose the location of the offshore company and make the right plan.
    How to choose the most suitable offshore company? What are the characteristics and principles of different offshore companies? How to understand the conditions and norms of each country/region? It is recommended to find a trusted company service provider. Professional agency companies can clearly understand the applications and operations of each offshore company, including how to formulate the correct strategic structure based on customer needs (for example, does the company structure involve multi-country and cross-regional planning? Which offshore company should I choose to register? Where should I open my bank account?)Each customer’s needs will not be the same, so only by clearly understanding the individual operational needs and understand what the best plan is.
    How to choose a offshore company? The comparison table for selection and comparison of offshore companies is as follows:



Hong Kong

Labuan Islands



South Africa

Southeast Asia




Caribbean Sea













No Director

Need Director

No Director

No Director

No Director

No Director


Offshore Tax-Free

Offshore Tax-Free




and Trade






The information above is for reference only, actual conditions need to be based on local regulations.

  • Step3:Prepare the required documents.
    After confirming the necessary plans, select the company name and confirm the investment documents about directors and shareholders, and submit the passport/address proof.
  • Step4:Company incorporation.(Working Day)
    The entire process may take roughly 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on the country or region where the offshore company is established.
  • Step5:Bank account opening.
    A complete offshore company service process is not only complete the company registration but should include the assistance of the bank account to be considered complete. After all, setting up an offshore company without a bank account is equivalent to registering an unusable company, so we further provide customers with the latest practical bank account opening assistance to ensure that the offshore company can operate as expected.

4. Offshores company registration country

SeychelleCompany Registration
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U.K.Company Registration
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MarshallCompany Registration
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Hong Kong
Hong KongCompany Registration
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Hong Kong combines various incentives suitable for international companies to set up companies in Hong Kong, such as strategic location, free flow of information and goods, easy-to-apply...More...
SingaporeCompany Registration
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At present, foreign companies register companies in Singapore, and most of the registered forms are private limited companies, which are also the most popular business entities in Singapore. More...
Labuan Islands
Labuan IslandsCompany Registration
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DelawareCompany Registration
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MacaoCompany Registration
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British Virgin Islands
British Virgin IslandsCompany Registration
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5. Conclusion

  • The evolution of offshore companies has shifted from covert to transparent, from tax exemption to preferential treatment, from trade to investment, coupled with modern algorithms and big data processing …Compared to the past, the evolution of these years has allowed companies to engage in international In the investment process, encountering a dilemma in decision-making, just like the task of changing tires in F1 racing, is quite arduous.
  • However, what we want to express is that following the past offshore company operation mode is outdated and no longer as simple as it seems on the surface. Individual companies or investors should choose the correct combination and order, which can effectively operate and implement. The best strategy occurs at the intersection of full preparation and opportunity, and sprints to the future!
  • Inter Area Market Intelligence Team, We are familiar with the establishment of offshore companies, and let customers understand the functions of offshore companies. We provide customers with the most complete, fast, and reliable services from planning, registration, practical cases, and related notes and the latest information. The focus is on the background and purpose of the customer’s practical investment. Different products and services produce new experiences in the experience that determine future value.

6.Offshore company registration Q&A

A: The whole process may take 3 days to 3 weeks, depending on which country or region the company is established.

A: Yes, the company name must end with “Limited”, “Corporation”, and “Incorporation”. Sensitive words such as Assurance, Bank, Society, Trust, Royal… etc. can’t be used.

A: No, the establishment of an offshore company currently doesn’t require capital to be in place.

A: It needs to be established in accordance with the laws and regulations of various countries, but generally only one person can be established in areas such as the British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, and Samoa.

A: The person in charge of the company does not need to go to the local area to set up an offshore company, just entrust a professional secretarial company.

A: The government of the country where the foreign company is registered will charge an annual fee every year to maintain its effective existence. Some areas still need to comply with local laws and regulations for additional declarations.

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