What is One-Stop Service of Registration?

In each step of the investment decision-making process, the control of time and cost is very important. When investing in an entity company, the company itself receives information because of the information/communication/policy changes that occur in the investor country. Under the influence of various factors such as channel, self-evaluation or judgment ability, it is difficult to correctly judge the time and capital cost of investing abroad, and it is very likely that the correct decision cannot be made. For example, in the company establishment, only the company needs to complete the basic license. Applying for it, or do you need import/export/VAT status? Therefore, it is important to make its services complete and coherent, in order to comprehensively improve efficiency and immediacy.

Taking the establishment of a trading company in China as an example, whether a one-stop service can provide an application for import and export qualification or value-added tax (general taxpayer) in addition to basic company registration, and can provide accounting training/taxation. To verify/apply invoices…. and so on, it is necessary to ensure that the company can officially start business in the local area, and also provide basic accounting and employee social security basic counseling and services to ensure that new ventures can Quickly integrate into the local policy environment to avoid unnecessary cost and time.