Introduction and function of qualification license

Enterprises have different requirements and applications for qualification certificates according to different operating projects. There are numerous types of licenses in China. Its system is an administrative management system that requires enterprises to manage and promote business activities in accordance with the law, promote the management of business scope, and maintains a good market order. The main reason is related to state rights The rules and regulations formulated by the organization to protect the rights and interests of the people have urged all enterprises or individuals to fully and legally perform their duties and responsibilities. Enterprises must have different qualifications and license applications according to different operating projects.


License certificate

The implementation of the license system has played a very important role in promoting enterprises to strengthen quality control and improve product quality. At the same time, it has also effectively promoted the adjustment of industrial structure and purified the market environment. And in accordance with legal regulations, comply with the requirements of local authorities for development, construction, production and sewage and other activities that have an environmental impact, apply for activities, and apply for legal procedures to approve and supervise business operations. This system is mostly carried out in the form of some kind of voucher or license, so it is called “permit system”, also called “permit system”. It generally includes a series of management such as to permit application, review, approval, supervision, suspension, revocation, and invalidation. The process of activities can be divided into planning, development, production, and sales, and sewage permits according to different requirements of the management objects. Chinese enterprises or individuals need to comply with the laws, regulations, and guidelines mentioned in various licenses and conduct self-monitoring. Certificate holders must also comply with other relevant regulatory requirements. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant requirements of project changes and the extension of China’s qualification application. The changes in licenses also include changes in quality control personnel, registered addresses, business scope, and warehouse addresses (including additions and deletions of warehouses). Project changes For the information that the regulatory agency may request at any time, the licensee must provide it in the manner and format required by the regulatory agency like the regulatory agency. Regardless of whether a Chinese qualification application is to be processed, changed, or extended, a mainland company must confirm the latest specifications and requirements of the pre-regulatory authority in advance to avoid prolonging the processing time.

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