A private equity fund is a securities investment fund that raises funds to specific investors in a non-public manner and uses specific targets as investment objects. Private equity fund based on means other than mass media to recruit, sponsor a collection of non-public funds of multiple subjects establishment of investment funds, securities investment.


Private Equity

The core of private equity funds is very simple. Private equity firms set up funds to raise capital from investors and invest in their own capital and borrowing income. Private equity funds choose companies that are undervalued or underperforming, helping managers to promote long-term business growth and avoiding the short-term pressure of public shareholders to demand quarterly earnings growth. If the private equity fund is successful, the company will be stronger, its profitability and competitiveness will be improved at the same time, and the value of the company will naturally increase. At this time, the private equity fund can take profits off, and usually spend five years. If the investment fails, the private equity fund will lose the capital invested by the investor.

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Q&A of Private equity fund

圖片3What are the registration conditions for the founder?

A   Foundation founder: Can be an individual or a company.

圖片3What are the requirements for Foundation members?

A   Main member of the Foundation: founder, director, member, secretary, the beneficiary (founder, member, the beneficiary can be the same person)

圖片3What assets can the foundation hold?

A   The Foundation may have: bank accounts, real estate, investment products